We Ikeya Formula is a technology-oriented company to do product development, manufacturing and sales in a wide range of areas related to car axis in the metal processing. What we put in the center of the idea it is the essence of the car with the "riding pleasure." The car you Ayatsureru as planned, we believe when it
comes to the basics of driving safety and comfort even more. In order to realize this fun, to take advantage of the mobility of their consistency and practice in various fields, including motor sports, patented products and technologies, taking into view a new area, a new technology we always I am working on development. And not end in a dream to "be nice if available" technology and passion. We cherish this feeling above all.

IKEYA FORMULA Seamless Transmission Movie

             Manual Transmission

             Seamless Transmission

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  • 2013.11.28  Publish videos Seamless Transmission
  • 2013.09.29  We will exhibit at the “Tokyo Motor Show 2013”.
  • 2013.09.29  It is working on a new web page of Ikeya Formula Co.,LTD