Basic policy

The Ikeya formula (called us as follows) Co., Ltd. observes the Personal Information
Protection Law and stands in the recognition that it is the important social duty of the
company that the full name of the visitor, an address, a phone number, an e-mail
address deal with information (called personal information as follows) that can identify
a visitor appropriately and establishes a basic policy about the personal information as

1.The acquisition of the personal information

When we acquire personal information, I state the use purpose clearly, and we acquire
it by legitimate and fair means as far as they are necessary.

2.Deal with personal information

(1)The use in the use purpose

We cannot use the personal information that above 1 acquired according to の fate
without the agreement of the visitor across the range of the use purpose. I use the
personal information that we acquired for the following purposes.

1.The duties accomplishment that is necessary for the enforcement such as the
correspondence from a visitor to the inquiry, quick service.

2.The sending such as the products to a visitor.

3.In addition, the use purpose that I stated clearly at the time of the personal
information acquisition.

(2)Offer to a third party of the personal information

There cannot be the thing that I contribute it to the third party without our obtaining the
visitor's consent except the next case by the personal information that I acquired.
When disclosure is demanded from the public institution based on authority to fix for a

(3)Appropriate management of the personal information

We take appropriate safety measures to prevent unjust access to personal information,
loss, destruction, manipulation, a leak of the personal information.

(4)Legal compliance and improvement

I work on continuous improvement so that we observe laws and ordinances, notification
about the personal information protection and other official regulations, and personal
information is dealt with appropriately. In addition, I will reflect improved contents in
this basic policy at any time.

※About the responsibility of the visitor

Our website may set a link to other websites, but, please confirm it in own about the
handling of the personal information in the linked site in the linked site concerned.
The use of our website shall be carried out in the responsibility of the visitor. About
every damage that they produced by the use of various information acquired using the
personal information of the visitor from other websites where a link is set in our website
and our website, we do not take responsibility for all.