Our organization was established in 1968 and have been engaged in metal processing
With the various experiences and the technical skills, we successfully designed and
created the formula car on 1994 and we have changed our company name and the
organization to IKEYA FORUMULA Co., Ltd on July.2000.
We are in the overall filed of non-ferrous metal specialized in the design, cutting,
welding, bending, assemble, such as special parts for formula cars and racing cars,
products related in the lock system for car parking, building and other. We operate all
theses processes with separated productions lines categorized by each process.
Now, we also are making large efforts in the development and manufacture of products
to all over the world working on international intellectual properties.
We have received great feedback about our "SEQUEN SHIFTERregistry mark" which
posses the world's first structure developed from our passion to provide pleasures of
driving cars to the drivers instead of simply driving it as a mean of transfer.
We, IKEYA FORMULA Co., LTD, would like to continuously devote ourselves to research
and development field as well as upgrading our technology with the belief in human
dreams and the cars of enormous potentialities.

Representative director Shinji Ikeya  

Company profile

Address Head office 427-1 Momiyama-cho Kanuma-shi Tochigi JAPAN
The second
537-4 Nojiri Kanuma-shi Tochigi JAPAN
Foundation July 23, 1968
Establishment November 18, 1996
The capital 10 million yen
Representative Representative director Shinji Ikeya
Number of employees 25 people 
Factory site 1,100 tsubo(Head office)
Factory building 600 tsubo(Head office)
Office 120 tsubo(Head office)
Bank Kanumasogo Shinkin Bank, Minami branch office
Mizuho Bank, Utsunomiya branch office
Ashikaga Bank, Kanuma branch office
Tochigi Bank, Kanuma branch office
Activities ●Automotive Development Division
 Development of the parts for exclusive use of a formula car
 and the competition car, product sales, etc.

●Parking Division
 Development of parking equipment and equipment,
product sales, etc.

●Manufacturing Division
 Competition vehicle parts for exclusive, parking equipment,
 Others, manufacturing and processing in non-metallic

Corporate profile

Head office access

427-1 Momiyama-cho Kanuma-shi Tochigi JAPAN  Pone +81-289-64-5652

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The second factory access

537-4 Nojiri Kanuma-shi Tochigi JAPAN

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