Increased air mass flow by turbo tuning will
become resistance if normal throttle and surge
tank are used. From these reasons behind,
- Review on the capacity and structure of surge
tank to deliver the increased air mass flow to
each combustion chamber effectively.
- to stabilize the even air suction system to each
combustion chamber by having quadruplet
By solving these issues, it's made possible to
produce smooth/ powerful force and torque in
addition to clear engine responsiveness at high/
middle revolution range.

Car Type Model Engine Model Price Remarks 
 SILVIA/180SX  (R)PS13  SR20DET 340,000Yen   ReSetting



 S14  SR20DET 350,000Yen
 S15  SR20DET 350,000Yen

* Using incompatible engine control unit with this product will cause the damages on
engine itself, therefore, please ask your creditable tuner for engine control unit for the
assured setting before using this product.
* Upon ordering this product, please let us know the top feed injector maker that you are
using. Ex) DENSO or JECS 

Kit specification

  • Surge tank x1 (3,000cc inlet diameter phi80)
  • Throttle x2 (phi 45)
  • Throttle linkages-Delivery pipe x(50cc)
  • AAC tank x1(200cc)
  • Negative pressure hose
  • Hose band-Gasket
  • Bolts and Nuts


2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
• ECU requires resetting after installing
this product
• Piping work is required for surge tank
• Battery size requires to be changed
• Genuine throttle wire can be used
• The design registration for SR turbo
engine has been completed
• Regulator requires to be changed to
movable type(sold separately)
• Change the ejector to high-resistance top
feed type (sold separately) (JECS/DENSO,
• In case of using low-resistance injector,
dropping resister is required. (sold
separately)(ex: CA18 genuine)
• Deliver pipe fuel hose fixing area can be
changed from standard nipple type to EARLS
fitting (sold separately)


  • 4throttle01-02.pngSurge tank content has been set to 3000cc which is 
    appropriate for high-speed driving, after testing blow back
    and effects of pulsation.
  • Funnel structure has been adopted inside surge tank to
    have smooth air flow.
  • Throttle valve shall be phi 45 butterfly type (setting for
    phi 48 is also available). Flow of inhaled air is good at
    partial area and it can revent the "leaking" caused
    pressure of air at turbo engine. Additionally, the
    responsiveness would be is focused by having the shorter
    distance from throttle to valve( length of inlet pipe).
  • 4-throttle's metering is accurate and good at
    responsiveness, while multi throttle is appropriate for
    middle/high speed type of engine.Due to high degree of
    freedom of inlet system and easy handling of manifold,
    piping resistance can be decreased.
  • Piping operation is required on surge tank entry side,
    however, the operation is made easy by attaching the fuel
    delivery, ACC tank, negative-pressure hose, and gaskets.
  • We have stocks all the time in order to provide full support after purchase.
  • This satisfy car inspection requirement in Japan. 

* As you might see above lists, our "4 throttle chamber and Surge tank kit" (Registered
design) will be the final weapon for SR engine tune.Please try to feel our 4 throttle. 

- Pulsation wave----------  There will be 2 waves, the wave which tries to get in and
the other is the wave which tries to return, when
increasing the amount of intake air. Effected by this,
there will be the high area and low are of air density. 
- Inertia supercharging--- The volumetric efficiency will be raised by opening the
valve at the high density area and the air flows into the
cylinder swiftly, taking advantage of this pulsation wave.   

Corresponding list for 4 THROTTLE CHAMBER and SURGE TANK KIT categorized by car type






*The installation instructions for our products are written in Japanese.*