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Light weight flywheel "JET'S light weight flywheel"
(PAT) adopted innovative Ultra-light special alloy
(aluminum alloy).The special aluminum alloy
achieved this tremendous reduction in the weight.
Although people tend to concern about "strength of
aluminum, there are no concerns on the strength on
the aluminum alloy that we adopt, since this
aluminum alloy has fiber flow in the various direction.
In addition, as a merit along with the reduction in the
weight is improved balance with clank shaft as well as
better engine responsiveness (Normal aluminum has
its fiber flow only in the one direction and tends to
have cracks in it easily, while aluminum has it in various direction just like carbon.) 
Metal part of crankshaft, the metal of no.6 for straight 6 engine and no.4 for straight
4 engine, always receives the load from flywheel, clutch, clutch cover, therefore, the
load onto metal is largely reduced by reducing the weight of flywheel. We further
adopted the ductile(cast metal) on for Pressure plate area, which eliminates the
concern about "Bending" caused by heat. Besides, if you use it matching with clutch
disc made of hybrid material (new material), you can enjoy better feeling. 

* This products only accommodates the clutch disc cover of genuine or normal structure3
* Please be sure to replace the crank mounting bolt for flywheel with new one. 
* For installing this product on RX-7enfini, the counter weight for genuine AT ( genuine
product N351-11-521) is required.


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