This is an easy and compact alignment gage that you can measure quickly at anywhere.
Just by mounting 2 pcs of long nut and measurement gage on Stud bolt of Front/Rear
wheels, you can measure the Toe with longitudinal direction, and the camber with the
transversal direction of measurement tool.In addition, it accommodates any types of cars by combining PCD and Stud Bolt "MAPLE A-1 GAGE PRO" also accommodates RV (Cross
country 4WD type).

  Kind Price
FullSet 30,000Yen
HalfSet 17,000Yen






* "Half set" contains 1 gage, "Full set" contains 2 gages and "Perfect set" contains 4
gages as shown on the picture.

* You can measure total toe only with "Perfect set" and "Full set".With half set, you will need to measure one wheel at a time.

* Please make sure to make a measurement on the horizontal place.

* Please be sure to figure out the "Tread value of front/rear" and "Difference between
Front/ Rear" before using this product.Without knowing the tread value and the
differences, you are not able to make a accurate measurement.


Prodect Characteristics

- It's easy to install.
- It's portable and provides measure toe and camber.
- You can adjust looking at measured value.
- It's possible to measure the deformed wheel.
- Total toe against can be measured.



--Measurement on Camber-- (ex: Front Camber)
1.Park the car on the flat place and stop the engine with steering wheel adjusted to 
the center.
2.Remove the 2 peaces of front wheel nuts on the side to be measured, and install the stay of measuring board on the nut position of front wheel.

maple-a.jpg maple-b.jpg
3.Install the gage body(measuring board) by countersunk screws with paying attention to PCD and wheel holes (5holes, 4 holes), and keep the board horizontal.
4.Rotate the mounted measuring board by 90 degrees to make it horizontal against
5.Set string with weight to a groove for measuring camber, and then read the camber
--Measurement of Toe-- (ex: Front toe)
1.Measure tread of Front/Rear to know the differences between Front / Rear.
2.Remove one pcs of rear wheel nut. Mount a stay for tread adjustment on the
upper center position of wheel nut.
Mount an elastic string on the stay for tread adjustment mounted on rear tire,
considering the tread width.
Please make a tread correction by the 5mm before measurement, since there is a
shallow groove by the 5mm unit with deep groove as a base

Ex: Case for Front 1460mm Rear 1450mm
Since the front side has larger tread by 10mm, fix the elastic string on the rear side
5mm outside than standard.

3.Pull the measuring string mounted on the edge of front measuring board by elastic
string. Adjust the angle of measuring board and set the string just close to but not to
touch the measuring board. Then read the value on front toe gage.
maple-h.jpg maple-i.jpg
By mounting the measuring board on the other side with the above procedure, you can also measure the total toe.In case of measuring rear side, please replace the stay for
front and rear and read the value on toe gage, just like measuring front side

Instruction for adjustment

  • Please pay attention to the possibility that the steering wheel would be shifted.
    There would be some toe-changes, if the adjustment was made with jacking-up (It's
    recommended to record the difference between 1G and jacking-up beforehand).
    Please ensure your safety by using such as rigid-rack in case of jacking-up.
  • Adjustment should be firstly made on Camber before Toe adjustment. However, if
    large adjustment was made on Toe, it may cause the camber to be shifted from the
    adjusted value. In this case, please repeat the measurement / adjustment of the
    camber again, and then measure and adjust the toe.
  • Alignment should be made from Rear side( except for some car models ).Although
    we have explained on the front side adjustment for the better understanding on
    this web page, please make a rear adjustment and before moving to the front side.