Torsion Testing Instrument

TM-4-1.jpgTorsion Testing Instrument

The IKEYA formula torsion tester provides a test that can rotate 360° mainly with two hydraulic cylinders.
It has a capacity torque of up to 50KN・m, and can perform 0°-360° rotary motion and 0°±180° forward and reverse rotation in reciprocating rotary motion.
It has high strength and torsional rigidity and enables testing of all specimens.

※We accept each test and measurement.



mode IF-D-0017 TM-7-1.jpg
Capacity torque torque 50kN・m
Rotation angel 2πRAD(360°)
Angular velocity 3.5°/S
Specimen ・LSD
・Shaft drive
・shaft axel



Universal Testing Instrument

TM-3.jpgUniversal Testing Instrument

It enables tests suitable for all applications.
It is possible to install the test piece in three directions and provide a test in a state close to an actual vehicle such as vehicle suspension.


Mode IF-D0004 TM-6.jpg  TM-2.jpg
Tensile test
Compression test
Bending test
Endurance test
Maximum load 50KN
Maximum stroke 100mm